Want to Know More About Making Soap From Scratch?

Soap Making, particularly if you are making soap from scratch, can be a relatively inexpensive and rewarding hobby but that is not the only reason people might consider making their own soap!

lavender-soap-2You might want to make your own soap for health reasons or because you wish to use soap that does not use animal products or is more environmentally friendly than commercial soaps.

You might also want to make novelty or specialty soaps as unique gifts for your friends and family.

Or you might want to start a small home business creating and marketing your soap creations.

Whatever the reason for making your own soap, it is a great way to exercise your creativity.

You can save or make some money, and it is a lot of fun!

Although soap making involves a chemical reaction, you do not need a scientific background!

Honestly, if you can beat an egg or follow a recipe, you can make soap!

When I made my first batch of homemade soap, it was a terrible flop. Soap making involves a chemical reaction and I just could not get those pesky chemicals to react the way they were supposed to!

But I persevered and through a process of trial and error (quite a few errors actually) I am now quite good at soap making. I have learned quite a bit from the experience and I would like to share my experiences with you.

Soap Recipes

Before you can make your first batch of soap, you will need a recipe!

recipe box

I would recommend that you use a basic soap recipe for your first attempt, once you have mastered the soap making technique you can play with the recipe by experimenting with adding novel ingredients, fragrances, and colors.

Soap Making Equipment & Supplies

You will also need to go shopping for your ingredients and a bit of soap making equipment.

As for many soap making recipes you will be using lye (caustic soda) it is better to use your equipment specifically for your soap making activities rather than the equipment you already use in your kitchen.

If you check out the ingredient and equipment sections of the site, you will be able to get your shopping list ready!

Soap Making Instructions

There are four basic soap making methods, although died in the wool soap makers think of a couple of them as cheating and as a result do not count them!

Serious soap makers will use either the cold process or hot process for making their soap, but melt and pour and rebatching are viable alternatives for beginners. I started with the cold process method and it is the method I would recommend that you start with if you want to really understand the soap making process.

If you just want to make your own pretty soaps and don’t really want to do the ‘start from scratch’ thing, please feel free to use the melt and pour method.

Creating Your Own Special Purpose Soaps

What about some ideas for creating special purpose soaps?

You will also find pages on the properties of some of the essential oils and other ingredients that you can use for making your soap.

What Now?

Not only can learning how to make your own soap be very rewarding, it can also save you quite a bit of money. Have you checked how much luxury bath products cost these days?

You might even be able to make a bit of extra money selling your unique soap creations!


  1. Ms. Tee

    Hi Deb, I have a question about the glycerin soap instructions. I wanted to know if the recipes you so graciously provided is a result of pic posted? I know you said if we want to know how to make the soap in the pic look for a soap technic page coming soon but I don’t see it. Thanks for sharing

  2. mason.deborah.m@gmail.com (Post author)

    The photo is one I purchased for the site. I am really not good at taking decent photos, I can never get the light right and my photos usually look awful. The soaps I make on the other hand usually look pretty good. The reason you can’t find the page is that I haven’t written it yet, unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes. But you comment is a good reminder to get back into writing for this site again…

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